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Patient Testimonials


"I have been a patient of Dr. Gregg Kalmar's for approximately 12 years.  I have the utmost faith and confidence in his judgement and technical abilities.   In adddition, he is a friendly person, and kind to his patients and staff alike.  I have seen this again and again, in his interactions during my many dental procedures there.  In fact, I have so much trust in him that I frequently fall asleep during my dental work!

My husband, and two sons have also been going to Kalmar Family Dentistry.  My  younger son has been seen there from his very first dental appointment as a toddler, and is now 11.  There was never a need to use a special "pediatric dentist."  Dr. Kelly Kalmar and staff have the extra pediatric training and expertise if needed. 

I have referred many neighbors and friends to this practice, and will continue to do so.  I have even sent patients I have seen in my own work to their practice when I felt that their dental care was sub-par.  

I hope this information helps; please do not hesitate to contact me."

  ~ Leila Schneitzer Wilner, M.D.
"My mother, Eulaline Mason, had dentures, seemingly as far back as I can remember, certainly back to my grade school years.  But eventually, those that she had no longer fit her properly. So, she went to a local dentist near her home in Brooklyn where I grew up, and had a new set made.  But the new ones fit her no better than the old pair.

 She was miserable, and not wanting to be seen in public without dentures and not wanting to wear those that were painful, avoiding going out even though at the time, she was otherwise in good heath. I finally convinced her to come out to Long Island and give the dentist I'd been using for most of my adult years, Gregory Kalmar a try.  He was so kind and considerate of her, that she almost enjoyed the trips by train to Huntington for the visits during which her new teeth were prepared.

Afterward, they fit her wonderfully. She was extremely proud of them, and started doing more things.  Several of her friends, all about her age, would go out once a week to their favorite restaurant for a "girls night out."  For a couple of years, my mother gave up taking part in that, because she felt she couldn't eat in public with her old dentures.  But with the new ones from Dr. Kalmar, she was out there enjoying herself every week with "the girls."

 My mother has since passed away, and a once her once a week trip to a restaurant may not seem significant,, but I know it added a great deal of happiness for my mother in her last few years. For that, I'm very grateful. Thank you."
   ~  Bill Mason