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Kalmar Family Dentistry provides emergency dentistry for all ages in Huntington, NY. For emergency dental treatment, call 631-673-0670. For non-emergency scheduling or to learn more, you may send us a message.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry includes urgent treatments and procedures that must be provided immediately. Examples of emergency dentistry may include treatment for significant tooth or jaw pain, cracked tooth, lost or missing dental restoration (crown or filling), a knocked-out tooth, or trauma to the jaw, face, or teeth.

Why Choose Kalmar Family Dentistry?

At Kalmar Family Dentistry, our patients become our family. We provide the highest quality emergency dental services to our patients, just as we would to our family members. Our goal is to restore your teeth and mouth to excellent health as quickly and as comfortably as possible. We use the advancements in technology, coupled with decades of experience to diagnose and treat dental emergencies quickly.

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Procedures Offered

Depending upon the type of emergency you’re experiencing, Dr. Kelly Kalmar and her team may provide one of several treatments.

Severe Tooth Pain

If you’re in significant pain, Dr. Kalmar will need to first diagnose the cause. Gum disease, a crack in a tooth, widespread decay, or infection resulting in a dental abscess are all causes of severe tooth pain. Once the source of your pain is diagnosed, Dr. Kalmar will perform the appropriate treatments to alleviate your pain.

Dental Trauma

Any direct impact on the mouth or jaw can damage your teeth. Common causes of dental trauma include sports injuries, falls, or vehicular or bicycle accidents. Your teeth and jaw will be thoroughly evaluated so that appropriate treatment can be provided.

Lost Filling or Crown

Although losing a filling or a dental crown may not cause pain, the tooth’s integrity is compromised when the restoration is lost. The underlying tooth is also vulnerable and must be protected with a new dental restoration as soon as possible to prevent further damage or infection.

Emergency Root Canal

An emergency root canal is necessary when a tooth has become infected or so severely decayed that you’re at risk of losing the tooth. If you have an infected or severely decayed tooth, you will experience severe pain, especially when you try to chew. To prevent the infection from spreading to the jaw bone and surrounding tissues, Dr. Kalmar will provide an emergency root canal to remove decay, eradicate the infection, and seal the tooth.

Dental Extractions

A tooth extraction is always the last resort. However, there are some instances when a tooth cannot be saved. A tooth that has cracked below the gum line, for example, will need to be extracted. Wherever possible Dr. Kalmar will preserve your natural teeth with a root canal or other restoration. In cases where the tooth cannot be saved, an extraction will be performed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentistry

Is a chipped tooth a dental emergency?

In most cases, a chipped tooth isn’t a dental emergency. Small chips in teeth are not uncommon. However, a tooth that has broken, or split in half, or a chipped tooth with accompanying pain does constitute an emergency and you should contact our office immediately.

Can a tooth that has been knocked out be saved?

Yes, if you get immediate emergency dental treatment. If you or your child has a tooth knocked out, pick up the tooth by the crown, using caution to avoid the tooth root. Keep the tooth moist by putting it in a glass of milk, or by holding it inside your cheek. Time is of the essence when it comes to a knocked-out tooth, and you typically have an hour or less to receive treatment, if the tooth is to be saved.

How do I know if a toothache is an emergency?

Mild discomfort may be indicative of a cavity that needs to be treated soon, but not immediately. Throbbing or shooting pain, or pain that extends up your face, or throughout your jaw is an emergency. Likewise, a toothache accompanied by dark, swollen, or tender gums is a dental emergency and needs treatment. If you’re unsure whether you’re dealing with an emergency, call our office and talk with our staff member, who will prioritize your appointment.

Is emergency dental treatment painful?

Dr. Kalmar puts patient comfort first. The area of your mouth to receive emergency treatment will be completely numb. If you’re fearful about your treatment, ask our team about sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Are emergency dental treatments covered by insurance?

All dental insurance policies are a bit different. However, most dental insurance policies provide some coverage for emergency dental care. Our team will help you file your claim with your insurance company.

Get Emergency Dental Care in Huntington, NY

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call Kalmar Family Dentistry at 631-673-0670 for priority dental care. For non-emergency scheduling, you may send us a message.